Most us walk around waiting for special occasions to transform our lives. We rely on the perfection of a moment or its timing to assure ourselves that a miracle is, all of a sudden, a viable outcome. These inner monologues can come in several forms – “I’ll start working out on the first of January” “I’ll stop drinking after my birthday” “I’ll start blogging after I’m done with this project” or “I’ll start spending more time with my family after my job appraisal” among other similar-sounding sentences.

One of my tweets hit a note with several people who privately reached out and thanked me for triggering action.  Derek Sivers said something that has stuck with me – “If more information was the answer we’d all be Billionaires with a perfect set of abs.” The problem is almost never that we don’t know how to do something. We know exactly what to do and how to do it. We don’t do it right away because we tell ourselves one convenient line “I don’t feel like it.” In her famous TEDx Talk, Mel Robbins talks about how we are experts at succumbing to our inner snooze alarm. On a  daily basis, we postpone the things we know we ought to be doing.

There is a rational voice inside our heads that tells us to get shit done.  Listening to it may just allow you to transform your life today. Unfortunately, there is a much louder voice that tempts us to go get a shot of dopamine instead. This shot comes in various forms. Distractions lead to instant gratification and this can come in the guise of a video game or a YouTube binge-watching session.  The fact that most of us have access to every bit of gossip, negativity, pornography, and other means of abusing oneself at arm’s length doesn’t help.

There can be absolutely no change in the status quo if we train ourselves to settle.  As cliched as it may sound, ideas are a dime-a-dozen. It is execution that matters more than anything else. This does not mean you take hasty calls that risk everything all at once.  A sensible path is one where you are aware of your goal and do something to move towards it every single day.

Transforming your life can be done by doing something to be a better version of yourself in at least one department.


The aspects of my life I attempt to focus on:

  1. Physical Health – Staying healthy is an important aspect of reinvention. If you’ve ever felt depressed  – you know that this is a period during which you let go of your physical wellbeing. Bounce back and transform your life by eating a wee bit healthier. Cut those dirty carbohydrates. Stop yourself from eating that piece of candy that you know isn’t good for you. Move a little. Go out for a walk. Lift some damn weights. Drink more water.  Do something today that improves your physical health.
  2. Mental health – Mental wellbeing isn’t a topic that is as taboo as it used to. Thank god for that. Seek help if need be and if not, daily practices such as guided meditation or an occasional social media detox can help keep your mind sharp, focused, and healthy. A lot of successful people also use journalling as a way to maintain their mental health and it is certainly worth a try.
  3. Spiritual health – This may seem iffy to several of you and it is a very personal aspect. However, I have found that staying away from negativity is easier said than done. I  surround myself with people who love me , trust me, and cherish my company has done wonders to my life.  This holds good for your online personas as well, by the way.  You cannot complain and be grateful at the same time. I find myself making a conscious choice to find things and people to be grateful for in any scenario. This helps in unimaginably amazing ways.


If you go through each day taking care of these little aspects and improving by even 1% on a daily basis, you can reinvent yourself and transform your life.


What next?

I will certainly write in-depth posts about each of these aspects in the future. Do you have any suggestions for topics I ought to be writing about? Do you have tips that fellow readers can use to become better versions of themselves? Leave a comment.


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